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Food Allergy Chef Card (English) SET OF 8

Food Allergy Chef Cards come in a set of 8 laminated double sided cards. Keep your cards in your wallet, med bag and share with teachers, care givers, family and friends. 


Cards are 3” x 2.5” and laminated for extra durability. 


Enter your allergens in the Allergen field on the order form. Please make sure to enter your allergen information EXACTLY as it should appear on your cards. Each card will state: “I am severely allergic to:” and your allergens will be listed.


Please allow one week for me to make and process your cards. 

Food Allergy Chef Card (English) SET OF 8

  • Food Allergy Chef Cards are provided as a resource for food allergy awareness. Customer is responsible for entering allergen information correctly in English and Spanish. Sales are final. The cards are not a substitute for recommended risk-mitigation strategies such as carrying necessary medication and fully disclosing all dietary restrictions. Our cards are intended to be a complementary tool to medical alert bracelets and medical alert identification.By making your purchase, customer agrees that Angie Nordstrum and Angie Nordstrum Design are not responsible in any way for any errors made in food preparation that result in a reaction or death. 

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