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Grab your customer’s attention with hand-painted murals!

Angie’s design and skill will take your walls from boring to beautiful with custom-designed and painted murals for the interior or exterior of your building. 



As a graphic designer, my mural process is similar to a branding project. We will generally follow the phases below.

Step 1: Discovery Call

We’ll chat about your project on a call and discuss what works best for your space: Interior or exterior? Business or home? Paint or vinyl? Is your mural to be an Instagramable feature? What is your wall surface? How large? Will we need a lift to access the wall?

Step 3: Contract & Deposit

We will provide a contract that defines the terms and conditions of the project, along with a brief that outlines the scope of work. A deposit secures your spot on Angie's schedule!

Step 2: On Site Meeting

We will have an on-site meeting to check out your walls and discuss concepts in order to provide a quote for your project. 

Step 4: Project Start!

Based on your scope and deposit, Angie will begin your project! Angie will create a mood board related to your mural design to ensure the project is headed the right direction. Angie will create 2-3 drafts for review and you will select a final direction. Angie will coordinate with you painting or vinyl installation. 

  • Is window painting permanent?
    No, but Angie uses quality paint so your window painting will look great for YEARS if you choose to leave it!
  • How much is the project deposit?
    Project deposits are 50% of the total project. The deposit secures your spot on Angie's schedule and must be paid up front, prior to the start of the project.
  • How much does window painting cost?
    Since windows are many different sizes and each painting is unique, pricing will vary. Simple one color line art starts at $400. Complexity of design and number of colors will impact pricing.
  • Who installs window vinyls and graphics?
    Angie coordinates print production and oversees installation. We have a great team!
  • Will my window painting wash off in the rain or snow?
    It should look great even after rain or snow! Angie will provide tips on how to keep it looking nice.
  • How do we remove the art?
    Window paintings can be removed with soapy water and razor blade. Paint scrapes right off. Angie can provide references for some great window cleaners!


Brie F.

Angie Nordstrum is absolutely fantastic! She’s my go-to for almost everything artistic. She’s designed multiple window paintings, murals, storefront signage, billboards, and custom artwork for me personally and for my business. I’ve absolutely loved everything that Angie’s designed for me. She takes the time to ask questions, in order to understand the project before she gets started. When she painted me a huge sunflower painting for my office, she asked me what words or affirmations I’d like her to paint on the artwork prior to painting. How cool is that? Angie is not only artistic and creative, but she’s also thoughtful and supportive throughout the entire process. She sends detailed updates with descriptions and pictures of her progress, to make sure we are on the same page before the product is finished. To top it off, she even brought the canvases to my office just to see how they looked in the space before she had them photographed for print. Long story short, Angie really cares about her clients! She wants you to be 100% happy with the final product. She’s absolutely amazing and I recommend her to everyone!

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