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meet angie


Hiya! I’m an artist and designer based near Boulder, Colorado. I’ve worked as a professional artist and designer for 20+ years. I’ve been a multi-faceted artist all my life.


My interest in creating art was ignited by my childhood 4-H projects for the Iowa State Fair. From sewing and quilting to paintings, drawings, and fiber art projects, I grew up always making and creating. I was the girl who would neglect her homework and stay up until all hours sewing a new outfit for school the next day.

Relationships are key. I’ve made some of my best friendships with my clients. It is such a pleasure to take someone’s vision into a 2D or 3D creation. My goal is for every client to absolutely LOVE the work I create for them and for that work to get their brand or business noticed.

I’m happiest when I am creating murals, paintings, chalkboard menus, hand-lettered signs, logos, and branding collateral. When I’m not painting or designing, you’ll probably find me eating tacos.

meet angie
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